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At 011 Plumbers Bedfordview, we pride ourselves on great customer service. If your home needs sewer repiping, call 24-hour plumbers near me! We will explain the process and costs involved upfront. We are an award-winning plumbing company for excellence in customer service and business. Pipe bursting is ideal for replacing a sewer pipe. This efficient and cost-effective system bursts clay, concrete, cast iron, and PVC pipe, and is perfect for the rehabilitation of aging utility systems in confined areas or difficult-to-access locations. This repipe process involves very little of the disturbance caused by open trench excavation.

A winch guides the pipe bursting tool through the original pipe. The expander displaces original pipe fragments into the surrounding soil, while the bursting head pulls in the new polyethylene pipe. This process can cost up to 50% less than traditional open trench replacement methods and is a great option to save your landscaping. 011 Plumber Bedfordview is trained and experienced in repiping homes throughout plumber in Gauteng. We will work with your budget to ensure that your repiping project is affordable and efficient.

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    Bedfordview emergency Plumber deals with blocked drains, leaking or burst pipes. Plumber Bedfordview part of Plumber Germiston provides a full range of plumbing services in Bedfordview. Please call Bedfordview Plumbers today for professional plumbers in Germiston.

    Why You Should Choose Us

    Water lines tend to break down over the years, and when they do, they can cause damage to your home’s foundation and landscape, which will also lead to high water bills. Many homes in Bedfordview and throughout Plumbers Kensington were built before the 1960s, which means the piping is most likely galvanized, making it prone to rusting and leaking. If you notice any of these water line problems in your home, then it’s time to contact 011 Plumbers in Bedfordview for a free estimate. When we provide service to repair, replace, or build a new water line, we offer our customers a warranty that covers parts and labor. Should anything go wrong, we will make it right.


    If your sewer line was installed in the 1970s or later, it’s most likely made of PVC. This can be susceptible to damage from chemicals, shifting ground, and improper original installation. Old sewer lines must be replaced, relined, or burst with new HDPE. At 011 Plumber Bedfordview we use video cameras and electronic location equipment to thoroughly assess the damage. 011 Plumbers is always ready for your call. Our team is fully stocked with the tools needed to service your plumbing, heating, or cooling needs day and night. We are a one-stop shop for your sewer, plumbing, heating, cooling, and water line repairs.


    Our technicians at 011 Plumber Bedfordview can quickly locate and repair or replace your water line problems. Our specialists are trained in locating, servicing, and acquiring the proper authorization from local municipalities. Our trenchless technology spares you the cost, damage, and mess of digging up your yard when a water or sewer line replacement is necessary. If your faucet is leaking from the handles, from the spout, or from the base of the faucet itself, there is a good chance your faucet needs a repair. These leaks are typically caused by worn or corroded gaskets and seals, and that in turn causes the leaks to fall apart.

    Signs You Need Pipe Repair

    1. The musky smell of mold or mildew – If you ever get a leak in a part of the home that doesn’t have good ventilation, you very likely will experience mold or mildew growth. When in doubt trust your nose and call in our soweto plumbing company pipe repair experts promptly.

    2. A water bill that’s too high – If you have a water bill that’s higher than normal and you haven’t changed your water consumption, you likely have a pipe leak that needs to be found to keep you from spending more money.

    3. Cracked wall paint – Not all leaks will be substantial enough to produce a noticeable water stain. Even slight water pressure can crack your wall’s paint so be on the lookout for any new cracks.

    4. A visible water stain on your roof or wall – If you are lucky enough to get a water stain in your line of sight, call our Bedfordview pipe repair experts sooner rather than later. Not only can the damage increase but if it’s left unattended you could need mold remediation.

    5. The water meter test – If you’re ever interested in testing if you have a leak somewhere on your property, turn off all your water and head to your water meter. If your dial isn’t at 0, there’s likely a pipe leak somewhere that is both damaging your home and costing you money so give us a call.

    011 Plumbers West Rand offers a full contingent of repairs, replacements, new installations, adjustments, and more. We handle anything your fixtures might need, including dealing with those tough problems that don’t seem to have an easy fix. Each of our skilled technicians is equipped with the tools and parts to repair or maintain all types of fixtures from all major manufacturers, including both modern fixtures and classic setups alike. Plus nobody can offer the same value that we can, nor the exceptional customer service that we have become famous for. We even offer emergency help so those urgent fixture issues can be addressed the right way as soon as possible. Get hold of Plumber in Johannesburg

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    If you need 24/7 Plumbers in Bedfordview, and Kempton park plumbers. While running water and flowing drains are wonderful feats of modern civil engineering, they wouldn’t do us a lot of good if we couldn’t properly utilize them. For example, constantly flowing water would be immensely wasteful, and we wouldn’t be able to use it for things like cleaning, scrubbing, or a water heater. This is why we have fixtures—devices responsible for both containing the water we use and for collecting used water so it can be safely and easily disposed of. We utilize fixtures each and every day, often without thinking about it, and that makes even small problems a potentially serious issue for your home call the east rand Plumbers. Fortunately, help from the Bedfordview fixture services team at 011 Plumbers in Bedfordview is just a phone call away.

    What Are the Benefits of Repiping?

    Repiping has many benefits, including:

    • Increased water pressure – Particularly hot water pipes deteriorate fairly quickly due to the strain hot water can put on your pipes, so if you’re noticing that your hot water has decreased water pressure then repiping can help alleviate that with the best benoni Plumbers.
    • Crystal clean water – Depending on the type of material your pipes were made with, it could have a coating on the inside that deteriorates over time. As the standards for piping materials have evolved, so has the cleanliness of the water that comes from them.
    • No more leaks – If you’re dealing with leak after leak, it may be less expensive to consult our Bedfordview repiping experts as opposed to getting pipe repair for the umpteenth time.
    • Added home value – If you’re considering the value of your home as you may be looking to sell, consult our repiping specialists. New pipes can do a lot for your home’s value in terms of showcasing how modern and efficient your home is.
    • Less noise – If you’re experiencing strange sounds coming from your pipes then you’d be surprised how much more quietly new pipes can function to return peace and quiet to your living space.

    011 Plumbers is proud to offer prompt and affordable plumbing services Bedfordview and Eastgate. Our professional plumbers have weekly training from the top vendors in the country to ensure that you get the best service and most knowledgeable expertise. We are always ready for your call. Our team is fully stocked with the tools necessary to service your plumbing, heating, cooling, and water needs day and night. We’ve been serving the Bedfordview community for over 50 years and emergency plumbers Sandton.